Monday 14 May 2018

Captain's Column

Chloe Jones had a special announcement to make ahead of Sunday’s game against Tottenham Hotspur Ladies

Hi everyone and thank you for coming to support us in our game today against Tottenham. We have only two home games remaining at the Lamb and we’re all going to enjoy every second of both games. That is why we play football, after all, for the joy, achievement and fulfilment that it brings to us and others.

As the season comes to an end, we as players and staff always ensure that we start to reflect on the season, what has been, what could have been and what should have been. As a person, I will always find positives in the toughest of situations and will find light in the darkest of places.We can all agree that the performances have not reflected the results and scorelines but my focus is on the performance and how this sets us up perfectly moving forward.

This season has taught every single player and member of staff how to be resilient and how to remain together no matter what. We have picked ourselves back up time and time again and we have come away from so many games feeling hard done to for not coming away with the 3 points, let alone 1 point. 

We all play every minute of every game wanting to win but sometimes we have to use and learn from the challenges that we face and to stick together and work as a team in order to overcome them. There is no timescale for success but we know that we as a team WILL get there. We know that we WILL succeed and we WILL come away with the points that we deserve and we WILL be where we should be in the league table. I do believe that this year has been a huge development for the squad and it has set us up perfectly for next year.

In view of that, I have made probably one of the most difficult decisions of my life over recent weeks. I have decided that next week’s game against Sheffield will be my last one. I have always said that I wouldn't want to stop playing because I had to, through injury or for not being fit enough or physically able to keep up anymore. That would be my worst nightmare. 

Right now I am probably as fit as I have ever been and I do think at the end of the season, the time is right to stop playing and progress into coaching (hopefully with Villa). I have achieved everything and more that I could have ever dreamed of in football and it has made me the person that I am today. I will be forever grateful for every opportunity that I was lucky enough to be given and I will cherish every memory forever.

I also want to be young(ish), healthy and fit enough to achieve other things and overcome other challenges. I want to help to inspire and develop the next generation of players for the club. This year, I couldn't have asked for better and more supportive coaching staff and such a close-knit team. We really are the definition of a team and have shown that this year. I thank you all for giving me the trust to be your captain. It has been an absolute honour.

The people I have met in football have become my best friends and I am sure that this will continue.

Thank you for coming and I hope that you all enjoy the game. Up The Villa!



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